Binoscoping at it’s finest. 2 eyes are always better than one ! Above is a pair of AP 155edfs Using the Binobacks on a custom Altaz mounting and tripod. Equiped as shown: $ 28,595.00 plus shipping.

Big Question from just about all considering Binoscoping, -- WHICH refractor tubes can I use ? Lets start off with the tubes that are not usable:
All Folded Mirror optics with movable mirrors – Schmidts and some Maks. Mirror shift is just too much of a problem to allow for proper merging left To right.
Unusable tubes are ANY Petzval design. That is any refractor that has a lens in the rear. Since we cannot change the spacing of the rear lens, we cannot get enough back focus to enable the eyepieces to come to focus.

So just what are good usable refractor tubes ?
Any refractor without a rear lens – apo or non-apo will work. For the cost of the Binobacks, usually no one considers building a Binoscope for anything less than 3.5” and another requirement is the system not be faster than F/6.2 – Anything faster will result in vigneeting. DO think twice about the size. Don’t try to build a Binoscope that is longer than 5 feet in length unless you intend to mount it in your backyard and not drag it around to star parties.

So what is necessary to get started ?
Altaz mounting – you cannot use a German Equatorial for obvious reasons.
Sturdy Tripod – like one of my Tall Tripods
A complete Binoscope System from me. I sell complete systems (excluding mounts – which can be purchased seperately)

Sample Binoscope systems:

Takahashi 102 NSV ( today’s equivalent of a the TSA version ) – Cost with custom case: $8,495.00 plus shipping.

Another view of the same Binoscope on one of my Altaz mounts which have slo-mo controls, encoders and tripod. Mount can do double work as a mount for a Schmidt Cass up to 12” in size. Mount capacity is 65 pounds. Cost as shown for the complete Binoscope is $ 12,800.00 plus shipping. Custom hard ABS cases are available as an option.

Above is an example of a budget Binoscope. It features a 100mm F/6 achromatic Binoscope. Does just fine for deepsky work and unless you are a critical planetary observer these will be a great choice.

Typical Custom Tandem Assembly. Cost = $ 850.00 This is what is needed to hold the tube pair parallel.


Newest version of the Binobacks. Eyepieces not included. Cost = $ 2,995.00 plus shipping. Manufactured by Mr. T.Matsumoto in Japan, Imported by The Binoscope Company

Closeup of the Binobacks. The newest version now uses a Crayford slide for adjusting the IPD (eye separation).

This Borg Binoscope was the one that started it all back in 1999.

Smallest Binoscope to date: Megrez 80

A Borg 125ed mounted between a Celestron fork

Takahashi TOA 130 Binoscope


Custom Cases cost from $ 275.00 to 595.00 depending on size, wheels, handles and foam.


Extensive line of ultra stable Tall tripods, secondary locks, Tripod adapter blocks, 360 degree rotating tables. Made for all mounts: Losmandy G-11, GM-8, AP 900, AP 600, Mach I, AP 400, Vixen. Complete tripods from $ 595.00 to $ 895.00.

Very Stable TALL Adjustable Height TRIPOD for Losmandy, Astro-Physics and Takahashi mounts and others - Observe in Comfort

If you have a mount other than an AP or Losmandy - ask for a quote. Adapter plates for other brand mounts are available by a custom order starting at $ 90.00

*** Large Black Delrin Foot pads now available. - $ 189.00 per set of 3 *** SEE PIC Below

These Tall Tripods are giving remote observing a new meaning. They allow you to use your refractor without stooping to your knees. They extend to 65" and can be set as low as 41". Weight is about 23 pounds and folds to a very small package as seen below in the PICS. Available with 360 degree rotating heads so you can easily adjust the whole mount and scope in the dark by just unlocking the table and moving the mount to the true pole - no matter how far off you are initially. Unlike the standard adjustment that comes with your AP900 or Losmandy mount, you have a full 360 degree rotation capability. Ap's version of their rotating table only allows for a very small correction in azimuth. If you guess wrong, you have to lift the whole mount to get on the pole. The Binoscope Company method is clearly an easier way to rough pole align.

Available in the following configurations:

Tall tripod, secondary leg locks plus 360 degree Malco table for AP900 - $ 895.00

Tall tripod, secondary leg locks plus 360 degree Binoscope Company table for Losmandy mounts - $ 795.00

Tall tripod, primary leg locks included, no 360 table, no adapter plate - user will interface to their own mount - $ 595.00

The above Tall Tripods in combination with the secondary leg locks allow for 225 pound capacity and the tables allow for full 360 degree rotation.

Losmandy version also comes with the bracket to mount the Losmandy standard electronics console (quick drop in slotted version of the bracket).

Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees. Please email for shipping charges to your zip code.


My Heavy duty Altaz mounting is capable of handling a Meade 12” or C-14”, Mewlon 250 and up to a 6” F/8 refractor Binoscope. It comes standard with altitude lock, Losmandy saddle interface, adjustable cradle for various scopes balancing both static and dynamic loads. Where you stop the scope it stays. The standard mount comes with friction controls locks in each axis. Optionally available are encoders with encoder housings and Slo-Motion controls in each axis. My Tall Tripod is a great compliment to the Altaz mounting holding the mount and scope effortlessly. A Tall Tripod quick disconnect block is included for easy and fast setup. Mount prices alone starting at $ 1695.


Sorbathane plates for max stability – A Vibration killer – isolates vibrations from various sources ( stepper motors, weather, weak tripods, etc ). Made for almost all mounts. Sorbathane Mount plate shown for AP 900 - $ 395.00